Exile Download Page

This is a page that allows you download Exile for the Amiga. Unlike other versions of this game, these versions are 100% completable. See below for more information. First a disclaimer:

Email from Peter Irvin (creator of Exile):

If you have read the above statement, and agree to each point, you may download the file below.

- Exile (ECS) Galahad's 100% completable version

- Exile (ECS) + TRAINER Captain Paranoia's 100% completable version

If you are the copyright owner and would prefer this file to be removed, please email me. Thanks.

Some technical details for those who are interested:

Peter J. M. Irvin (the sole copyright holder of Exile) allowed Amiga In A Box to distribute the game freely. Unfortunately AIAB distributed a buggy version by accident (a version cracked by 'The Company'). If you have this version you may as well delete it, as it will crash and not allow you to get far in the game (as after you pass through the wind tunnel on the eastern side of the map, there is a second disk protection check which 'The Company's version fails).

Galahad/FLT released a completely cracked version which he verified himself. This version was playable right to the end of the game. (This is the version hosted above.)

Another version which should be 100% playable was the trained version by Captain Paranoia and includes lot of interesting cheats! This version is also hosted here.

As more and more people hear about the "properly" cracked version of Exile they ask for it to be placed in the English Amiga Board's 'Zone'. With requests coming quite regularly, I've decided to host it myself here.

I repeat, if Peter J. M. Irvin would prefer the file to be only distributed by AIAB (which sadly no longer hosts ANY files?!) and the Exile fansites which also host 'The Company's version (not knowing any better), then it will be removed immediately. Thank you!

Note: You might be wondering why Peter J. M. Irvin would allow copied versions of Exile to be distributed instead of the 'original' retail version in the first place. Well, here is why: Due the limitations of the Amiga Disk Format (.ADF) advanced copyright routines (like those employed in games like Exile) cannot be replicated, which means that an ADF of the original retail version will sadly NOT work with emulators or even real Amigas(!), hence a cracked version must be used.

A separate project Software Preservation Society (SPS) is working hard to preserve the original non-cracked game disks using their own advanced file format.